Gary Keesee Ministries exists to motivate, educate, and inspire you to pursue success, walk out your purpose, and leave a positive, spiritual, and moral legacy for your family.

As an author, speaker, television host, and successful entrepreneur for more than 27 years, Gary Keesee has helped thousands of families and individuals realize their God-given potential.

As a graduate of Oral Roberts University, president and founder of Forward Financial Group, founder of Faith Life Now, and founding pastor of Faith Life Church, Gary has committed his life to helping people realize they can (and should) DREAM BIG!

Gary Keesee was born in New Albany, Ohio and grew up a very shy, quiet kid who preferred being outdoors by himself to being around people. He didn’t make a strong commitment to God until his teen years; and shortly after, he saw a vision of himself preaching to a crowd of people. Everything about him changed after that, and Gary became the guy who told anyone who would listen about the power of Jesus. At the age of 22, Gary moved away to go to a Christian college in Oklahoma.

Drenda grew up in Central Georgia and was Miss I-Can-Do-Anything, class president, honor student and communications extraordinaire. In fact, Drenda’s goal throughout high school was to be the next president of the United States. She was determined never to be married or have children, as they would probably get in the way of her career. But all that changed when she met Jesus Christ and this ex-feminist decided to attend a Christian college in Oklahoma.

And, you can guess what happened next. When Gary’s job as a drapery installer required him to place a job posting on campus, Drenda was the one who answered the ad. The rest, as they say, is history.

A few years and a mountain of debt later, Gary and Drenda felt God’s leading back to the Columbus, Ohio area. Things just kept getting harder, and though they attended church regularly, they just didn’t see any proof that the Word of God was working for many people.

They found themselves with ten maxed-out credit cards, three finance company loans, money owed to relatives, liens, judgments and nowhere to turn. Desperate for real answers to life’s toughest questions concerning faith, family and finances, the Keesees began to get serious about the Bible. It was there they found hope, and through applying answers from God’s Word, their lives truly changed from the inside out.

They paid off all of their debt in two years, made a stronger commitment to their marriage and rebuilt their financial business, catering it toward helping families live financially free. Gary and Drenda became passionate about sharing their story and how God had made all the difference in every aspect of their lives.

Gary and Drenda’s strong desire to minister in the marketplace fueled the creation of their many businesses, which are centered around helping people with their finances. A successful entrepreneur with companies that have helped tens of thousands of clients, Gary continues to encourage Christians to go out into the business world and make a difference.

In 1994, Gary felt the strong call to pastor, and so a group of friends started meeting for a basement Bible study where Gary would share the straightforward principles of the Kingdom of God. That basement Bible study has grown into Faith Life Church, a large gathering of people who share a common vision: living life full of destiny and purpose.

Again, Gary and Drenda wanted to help more people beyond the reach of their congregation, so they founded Faith Life Now. Offering worldwide conferences, weekly television programming, books and other resources, practical financial support and personalized help for people who need answers, Faith Life Now is an extension of the Keesee’s heart to show others the way out.

Gary and Drenda and their family of five children are passionate about getting down to the basics of how to live a different kind of life.

They know that faith can change your life, now.

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